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Sticky Fingered Delivery Driver Caught On Camera Swiping Tip Jar At Miami Restaurant

MIAMI ()- A South Florida food delivery driver was caught on camera stealing the tip jar from a restaurant where he was picking up food, CBSMiami.

According to Ms. Cheezious, the Postmates driver swiped the tip jar as he walked out of their restaurant on 74th Street and Biscayne Boulevard on Monday night.

The restaurant posted surveillance footage of the sticky fingered driver stealing the jar right off the counter as he walked out the door.

See mscheezious tweet below:

"So last night a @postmates driver thought it was a good idea to steal the tip jar after picking up a delivery at our Biscayne location. Please help us find this P.O.S.

Scroll down and watch full video

My view: Such a fool, he'll watch himself doing the dumbest thing, forgetting that there's CCTV. Clearly, it's a good thing that such a camera helped lead to information that let the restaurant track down the food Delivery Driver.

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