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Kylie Jenner shares video of daughter Stormi cooing during 'tummy time' before flaunting her

Kylie Jenner, 20, recently posted a video of herself and her daughter Stormi having “Tummy Time”

The video was shared to Kylie's Snapchat on Monday, July 22, and shows little Stormi laying on her belly as she kicks and coos Kylie's face is hidden in the video as she watches her daughter do her tummy thing.

Scroll down for video

The new video comes just a month after the reality star and cosmetics mogul revealed she wouldn’t be showing her daughter’s face on social media anymore. In the clip, Stormi’s profile is visible, but you can’t see her face.

Kylie Jenner pictured showing off her new dazzling bling

My view: Be proud of your great gift from God and stop hiding Stormi's face, she looks like Travis from the side view. Lots of babies crawl at that age, it's nothing new. If Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian aren't filtering their baby's faces they're showing them from profile only. Looks like they have massive problem with their kids looks. I thought Kylie said she wasn't going to post her baby's face on social media anymore, so is it because of the money she shared this video? or she's disgustingly vain, oh no Kylie was afraid of so called 'kidnappers', it's simply because of the nasty comments about her daughter she gets from some of her fans. It seems Kylie Jenner didn't learn anything from Kim Kardashian's big mistake of flaunting her jewellery on social media.

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