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Shocking moment female passenger wees on the floor of a Wizz Air flight from Britain to Poland becau

Wizz Air passenger WEES on floor in front of horrified Brits 'after being told she couldn't use loo during refuelling'

Shocking footage shows a pool of urine circling her feet as another shocked traveller says: "That is disgusting. You are a grown woman."

The incident took place on board a Wizz Air flight from Polish capital Warsaw to London Luton on Saturday when the woman was reportedly not allowed to use the loo.

According to reports, the plane was fuelling up and passengers were not allowed to go to the bathroom during the procedure.

So the woman was forced to relieve herself in the galley – the compartment where food is prepared.

In the video, the young woman is seen squatting against a wall while speaking with someone on the phone.

By her feet are several paper towels and a large pool of urine.

With her knickers and leggings pulled down to her knees, she tells the person on the phone: "You have to help me before the flight takes off. "I am peeing in the aircraft. "I asked them (cabin crew) if I could use the toilet, but they said I could not right now.

"So I am peeing in the galley. Right in front of them." Unconcerned, the brazen woman continues: "The police are coming because it is my fault. All my fault."

A young British couple then interrupt the phone chat with the woman saying to her: "Are you being serious? That is disgusting. You are a grown woman."

But the woman who has just weed all over the floor replies: "Yeah, I know. I did ask." The man then adds: "So you think it is okay to piss on the floor?"


My view: It's disgusting, but the cabin crew should have given her something to wee in, after all she's not doing number two, it's their fault, they should have handled the situation well, just like nurses give bed-pan in hospital, the crew should have given her something to use since she was very desperate, it's sad and shameful to expose her to the public like that, after all she asked them first and they refused.

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