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Rape horror: 2-year-old GIRL screamed ‘daddy, stop it hurts’ while being gangraped by two STD-riddle

Azzie Watson has been charged with child abuse and endangerment

A TWO-year-old girl caught an STD after being repeatedly raped by different men as her mum watched, cops said, The Sun reported.

The toddler is said to have screamed "Daddy, stop being mean. Daddy, it hurts" after the sex attacks, though none of the men are thought to be girl's biological father.

Her mum Azzie Watson, 25, has now been charged with child abuse and endangerment.

Police say she took her child to a home as many as 10 times to let two men rape her while she watched.

Tragically, the youngster got a sexually transmitted infection.

She also had amphetamines in her system, according to medical records.

Watson, from Independence, Missouri, has admitted she was involved in sexual activity with the men.

The suspect's daughter and her younger son were put into care earlier this year and their foster parents became suspicious of abuse.

When the foster mother changed the girl's nappy on June 29, she alleged cried: "Daddy hurt me. Daddy, stop being mean. Daddy, it hurts."

Police started an investigation and have since also arrested a 43-year-old man, Charles Green, with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

The toddler was raped multiple times, police allege (stock image)

Court documents say Green and Watson had planned the sickening attacks for some time.

But Watson has told cops she is scared of Green, said to be the mum's boyfriend.

A Kansas City police spokesman said the case remains under investigation and no other arrests have been made at this stage. They did not say if they have a suspect or suspects for the alleged rape.

Both children remain in the care of their foster parents.

Culled from The Sun

My view: They are all evil, depraved perverts, they should cut their things off, and the girl's mother should be locked up in a male prison with hardened criminals so she can experience same pain, and I hope they all get the death penalty.

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