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Fans outraged as Love Island Dr Alex puts Alexandra Cane’s hands on his privates in bed

Love Island viewers have been left horrified after Dr Alex grabbed Alexandra Cane's hand and put it on his privates.

In tonight's episode Alexandra told the girls that Alex had put her hand downstairs as they were lay in bed, and laughed it off, but viewers didn't find his actions funny.

Love Island fans have been horrified by Alex's behaviour

One viewer wrote: "Alex makes me feel so uneasy. The fact that he took her hand and guided it down his pants is just pure gross!

"It’s teenage disco stuff. It’s not becoming of a gentleman in his late 20’s, that’s for sure. #LoveIsland"

A second added: "Can we just be clear that Alexandra did not put her hand down Alex's pants.

"Alex forced her hand down his pants. He's a absolute creep and you just know he's selfish and unaware of women's needs."

Another tweeted: "Can’t be the only one to find the whole ‘Alex moving Alexandras hand down his own shorts’ slightly disturbing and not okay? Find the whole situation uncomfortable tbh #LoveIsland"

A fourth added: "Earlier when love island alexandra said alex shoved her hand down his pants omg thats so grim whys he so slimy."

Another outraged viewer wrote: "So not only does Alex grab Alexandra’s hand and put it down his pants, he also gets rewarded with a date for his behaviour?

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! #loveisland please stop rewarding his horrific behaviour!"

"So no one's going to mention how disgusting it is that Alex shoved Alexandra's hand in his shorts without her consent?" said another.

"He's lucky she didn't get angry about it. So gross, women aren't sex objects you can be forceful with #loveisland"

Another questioned: "Did I just hear correctly? Alex grabbed Alexandra’s hand and put it down his shorts? I swear this isn’t something to laugh about? #loveisland"

Dr Akex takes and Alexandra on their first date outside the villa, and Dr Alex's 'best date ever'.

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Culled from The Sun

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

My view: Dr Alex is a disgusting human being, I think he studied medicine just to be famous, he's a complete joke, he left his job for 8-10 weeks just to be a celeb and he wants to be hired as a TV Doctor after the show, who'll ever take this joke seriously as a Doctor, when his colleagues are busy helping sick patients, the joke is in Love Island, forcing a woman's hand down his shorts. Please ITV if you want to employ a TV Doctor try and give any of the hard working men and women who are trying to save lives a chance and not this attention seeking wanna be celeb, who wants it very easy. Dr Alex is so gross and he's a disgrace. The famous celebrity we know that likes grabbing, is Donald Trump and now Dr Alex has grabbed Alexandra's hand down his pants, it's nauseating. If that's not sexual harassment I wonder what is? and he was even rewarded with a special date for his bad behaviour. ITV should know that women are no sex objects, Dr Alex should be removed from the show and why is the TV station so invested in Dr Alex?.

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