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British Airways manager is suspended for selling sex for up to £800 between flights across the globe

A British Airways manager has been suspended after he was accused of selling sex between flights across the globe.

A Sun investigation found the high-flier was running a lucrative sideline as an escort and porn star.

BA suspended the manager then grounded him until further notice

The boss charged up to £800 for an overnight stay.

He advertised online, basing bookings around his flight rota and urging clients to book him during stopovers.

He also showed off dozens of photos of BA’s jets on social media.

The manager cannot be named for legal reasons.

The boss charged up to £800 for an overnight stay

But a whistleblower told The Sun he had brought shame on the airline.

They said: “To use your BA career as a means to sell sex on a public site is completely unacceptable.

“He is bringing the airline into disrepute and should be ashamed of his behaviour.

“He could also be at risk of blackmail from a sex punter, causing a potential security risk, or a threat over the release of sensitive information over BA and its passengers.”

BA suspended the manager then grounded him until further notice.

A spokesman said: “We have removed a member of cabin crew from duty pending further investigation.

“We expect all our staff to maintain the very highest standards and levels of professionalism at all times.”

Culled from The Sun

My view: It seems the British Airways staff wanted the job as an easy way to attract customers to his private business, at least he has been suspended from work, what about Love Island producers, who are still keeping Doctor Alex on the show after he forced a woman's hand down his underwear?

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