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Elderly woman who looks just like Trump 'is spotted on Russian bus the day he met Putin'

An online picture has sparked debate in Russia after it appeared to show an elderly woman with an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump.

The Trump lookalike was apparently captured on camera in the city of Rostov on Don in Russia's south west just hours before the President was set to meet Vladimir Putinin Finland.

But while hundreds have commented on the woman's similarities to Trump, others debated the authenticity of the image and suggested it was a fake after it articles appeared in Russian media, including the respected Moscow Times.

The image shows a woman with a straw hat gazing out of the window of the bus with a Trump-like expression on her face.

It was posted online with the caption: 'That moment when the U.S president is hiding from the FSB.'

One social media user, Natalia Skoeva, wrote of the apparent doppelganger: 'She really looks like him!'

But others were far more sceptical.

Vova Terekhin summed up many remarks about the picture, saying: 'This is clearly photoshopped'.

Kristina Mankich added: 'That is idiocy, what's the point of this photo?'

The picture emerged before Donald Trump met for historic talks with Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

Culled from Daily Mail

My view: The picture looks fake, it's like a photoshopped image of Trump. Maybe some reality stars who are very good at filter and liquify photoshop will know if the picture is real or photoshopped. It's all Trump's fault, he made himself look weak and cheap like a busboy and doormat, standing next to Putin during their press conference.

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