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Olivia Munn shows off her cleavage in racy mini-dress at Comic-Con as she slams Meghan Markle's

Olivia Munn, 38, wowed the crowd in a racy mini-dress at the convention to promote her new movie in San Diego, California on Thursday.

Olivia showed off her cleavage as she met with fans, took selfies, and signed autographs

While at the event Olivia picked up the IMDb Fan Favorite STARmeter Award.

She also sat down for a panel talk with her Predator co-stars Keegan-Michael Key, Thomas Jane and director Shane Black with Kevin Smith as host.

The actress has slammed 'crazy' Samantha Markle for her nasty behavior towards her Duchess sister Meghan.

Olivia reminded people how her Predator director Shane Black used to date Meghan Markle's half-sister and thinks they should reunite to 'calm down' her 'angry' public outbursts against the Duchess of Sussex and her husband, Prince Harry.

She told Entertainment Tonight: 'Shane Black used to date Samantha Markle, the really crazy sister.'

'That is amazing. Shane Black and Samantha Markle. I think we should reunite them.

'I think she's single, I think he's single. He could be Prince Harry's brother-in-law. Who doesn't want to make that happen? And maybe Samantha would calm down. She's real angry. She says a lot of crazy stuff in the press.'

See pictures and video below:

According to Daily Mail, It's not clear when the pair dated, Samantha has been in a wheelchair for at least a decade she suffers from MS.

Olivia Munn insists she could never follow in Meghan's footsteps and give up her career for love.

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She told Entertainment Tonight: 'I don't want to give up my career. I want my friends to marry princes. When you're a royal, you have to give things up.'

Samantha Markle

Shane Black

Photo credit: Daily Mail

My view: Olivia Munn is just seeking for attention and publicity for her new film. Why add fuel to the fire?, why don't you advise your friend Meghan to make peace with her family instead of slamming Samantha Markle, the only person that can stop the bleeding is Meghan herself, but she has become too arrogant and doesn't want to talk to memebers of her family. I wonder if Olivia asked her friend Meghan, why she refused to invite her African-American family to the Royal wedding? Olivia is no better as she is thrashing Samantha to gain favor with Meghan, such a hypocrite. Meghan can't believe her stars that she's the biggest "celebrity" now!, that all the Hollywood A-list stars wants to associate with.