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Gorgeous Queen Letizia recycles a polka dot Carolina Herrera dress as she joins her husband on a vis

Queen Letizia of Spain is fond of recycling her favourite designer outfits.

And the gorgeous Queen, 45, wore one of her dresses on Thursday, as she accompanied her husband Felipe VI on a visit to the southern town of Bailén.

Letizia wore a sleeveless Carolina Herrera dress for the ceremony to commemorate the Battle of Bailén, which took place 210 years ago this week.

The bloody Peninsula War battle, which took place over four days, resulted in the loss of some 2,200 French troops and 243 Spanish troops.

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My view: Stunning Queen Letizia is a trendsetter, Europe's most stylish Royal, she's so elegant and in love with her husband, they're classy couple, they don't do forced PDA like Trump and Meghan Markle, Trump is always trying to hold Melania's hand and it's very clear she doesn't like it while clingy Meghan pretends she's a teenager wants to hold Prince Harry's hand every minute. but no doubt about it. Queen Letizia has impeccable fashion style and taste, Meghan should phone her for fashion tips, as I have never seen the beautiful Queen in awful outfit. Queen Letizia and Queen Rania of Jordan kind of look alike.