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Man filmed naked woman sleeping then zoomed in on her face and privates

A Scot has sparked outrage after filming a naked woman sleeping on holiday, zooming in on her face and privates and then posting the clip online, Metro reported.

Jacob Macaloney walked in on his friend in bed with a woman while on holiday in Magaluf and decided to film the sleeping pair.

Macaloney, thought to be from Polmont, Falkirk, then uploaded the clip to Twitter this morning.

Several outraged social media users alerted Police Scotland to the footage, urging them to investigate.

The clip, captioned ‘Maga Baby’, was viewed 8,000 times before Macaloney deleted the post.

The footage begins with Jacob looking into the camera and pulling his sunglasses up as he sighs and shakes his head.

Moments later he turns the camera round to reveal a couple lying naked in a bed.

The couple, both blissfully unaware of Jacob’s presence, lie sleeping as the Scot giggles and laughs.

The Scot then uses the camera to zoom in on the woman’s private parts, and then her face, while he laughs.

He then zooms in on his friend’s face, and turns the camera back round to himself to show him laughing and puffing his face in disgust.

On social media, Jamie Genevieve, a Scottish Youtuber and Make-up artist copied Police Scotland in and wrote: ‘Please get this sorted and this boy dealt with.’

A woman called Emily then added: ‘Police Scotland this is a crime. She is clearly unaware and hasn’t given consent to this video. Report this. Mortifying for that girl, all for a few favourites and RTs.

‘You won’t be getting anything when twitter closes your profile down. Idiot.’

Several outraged social media users alerted Police Scotland to the footage, urging them to investigate (Picture: Jacob Macaloney/Twitter)

Another wrote: ‘Wow putting a video on the internet of a naked girl without her consent, scum scum scum.

Genuinely hope you get done for this you f****** idiot.’ Miss Chandandler Bong wrote: ‘Absolute f****** scum, Police Scotland get this disgusting cretin sorted.’

The footage has since been deleted by Jacob and an apology has been posted to his Twitter.

Jacob wrote: ‘Just trying to rip the piss out ma best pal and woke up to this, never meant for aw this to happen apologies to any I offended never thought it would blow up that quickly.’

Earlier in the week it emerged that a Facebook page humiliating women doing ‘the walk of shame’ in Magaluf had returned to the social media site.

Videos of women walking down the street dressed in their clothes from the night before were posted to the page.

The men filming the videos tried to shame them by asking questions about where they spent the night as they make their way back to their hotels.

Culled from Metro

My view: I just don't get why anyone would do this to their friend and be happy about it. Some people are so desperate that they'll do anything for attention, Likes and followers, it's so sad.