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THE COSMETIC ENHANCED BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott GQ photo shoot slammed as &#3

The Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott GQ cover was blasted on social media. (GQ/ PAOLA KUDACKI)

The GQ magazine cover of Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott was slammed as a “cheap rip-off” of the iconic Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg photo shoot.

The cosmetics entrepreneur and Travis posed for the August issue of the magazine with Kylie seen wearing a black one-piece and straddling Travis, who is wearing a pin-stripe suit and sitting on an office chair.

The shot is similar to a photograph of Birkin and Gainsbourg taken by Helmut Newton in 1978.

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A Twitter user was quick to comment that the cover is similar to the Birkin-Gainsbourg photo shoot by famed photographer Helmut Newton.

Another user shared screenshots of the Kylie Jenner- Travis Scott magazine cover and compared it to the Birkin-Gainsbourg shoot and captioned: “Don’t buy their crap.”

Birkin is pictured straddling Gainsbourg in nearly the same way Jenner was photographed. The couples are in similar get-ups and in similar poses in the magazine itself.

Gainsbourg and Birkin split up in 1980, they were together for 12 years before

Another photo included in the shoot sees Kylie—clad in a mini-dress and thigh-high socks—with Travis, in the same pin-stripe suit. The pose and styling is strikingly similar to this Terry O'Neill shot from 1969.

The third photo, featuring Kylie wearing a fringe dress and Travis in a snakeskin-print tie and trousers is similar to Guy Bourdin shot from 1970.

My view: The billonaire beauty and the beast, who is now madly in-love with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, because of the dollar sign and Kylie looks 45 in the photo, as she showed off her surgically enhanced bum, good to see them showing the world that they're in love, but Travis appeared like Kylie's busboy in the in the video, love is truly blind.

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