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Shocking moment woman repeatedly boots young boy in playground shouting ‘I’m going to kick you in th

Shocking footage has emerged showing the moment a woman kicked a little boy twice in a playground - threatening to damage his testicles and make him infertile.

Kelly Jaxx, 49, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, said she started filming the video when she spotted the woman was encouraging a boy and girl to fight.

Seconds later, the woman started to kick the boy, who was being separated from the girl by an unidentified man.

Kelly, who was with her granddaughters Madeline, 6, and Payton, 3, at the time, started sharing the video online on Tuesday, July 10, in an effort to make the moment recognised as child abuse.

The video was later brought to the attention Philadelphia Police Department, The Sun reported.

They said they were searching for the two adults in the video.

Kelly said: “At first, the girl was putting the boy in a headlock and the woman was smiling and laughing, encouraging them to fight. That’s when I decided to hit that record button.

“After I started recording, the woman kicked the little boy.

“I was very much appalled. I had my little granddaughters with me and they had to see that.

“What she did was child abuse, plain and simple. She shouldn’t be around children at all.

"That’s why I decided to make it public.”

Culled from The Sun

My view: The evil woman shouldn't be near kids, and the man himself is a dummy for not asking the deranged woman to stop, it's disgraceful, and only God knows how they even treat this boy at home, they're both scumbags.

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