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Mum’s horror as Snapchat video shows teenage babysitters ‘torturing one-year-old girl with Taser’ wh

A HORRIFIC Snapchat video shows teen babysitters appearing to torture a one-year-old girl with a Taser while laughing hysterically.

The disturbing clip seems to show a teenager pretending to taser a baby girl, who screams and reaches out her arms, The Sun reported.

The disturbing Snapchat video shows a girl holding a taser

In another scene, footage apparently shows a teenage girl in a blue T-shirt playing with the toddler's hair before slapping the child at the back of her head.

The clip circulated on Snapchat with the caption: "I'm dying", while a later caption as the girl appears to be hit on the head reads: "She's a bully but I'm dying" followed by laughing, skull, and sad emojis.

According to Fox16, police in Conway, Arkansas, are now investigating and have arrested three teenage girls between 15 and 17 years old.

They confirmed the child managed to survive without any serious injuries.

Mum Elyssia Watkins has shared her horror after seeing the footage of her own daughter Carrigan apparently abused by the gang of girls.

She said: "I couldn't even stay at work today, just keep thinking about it."

Speaking outside Faulkner County Courthouse, the devastated parent asked: "Why do they think it's a laughing matter?"

Culled from The Sun

My view: It's terrible, the girls involved are wicked, I hope they taser them so they'll feel the same pain and why do they even think it's a laughing matter?.