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Vile Facebook page humiliates half-naked Brit women doing the ‘Walk of Shame’ through Magaluf party

A Facebook page humiliating women doing “the walk of shame” in the party resort of Magaluf has returned.

Videos of girls walking down the street dressed in their finery from the night before as men follow them have been posted to the page.

The site shows women shielding their faces as they are accosted by camera wielding men in the street

The clearly embarrassed woman can be seen walking down the street in the morning as camera wielding men accost them.

Many of the girls hide their faces behind their hands as they try to head home.

In one video a dark haired woman is shown walking down the street as a man off camera asks her where she stayed last night.

She attempts to shrug off the videoer simply saying she “had a good time” and continue on her way home.

The cameraman then tells her to “get a shower” as the clip comes to an end.

In another video a woman his accosted by a friend as she wanders down the road.

She tries to get away as quickly as possible while the bloke filming bombards her with questions about the previous evening.

Ignoring the questions she almost trips over her untied shoelaces as she strides down the strip keen to get home.

Culled from The Sun

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