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Shocking moment doomed lawyer hands daughter to his ‘wife’ seconds before being executed in street

This is the shocking moment a lawyer who was confronted Saturday night by a hitman in the street and calmly hands over his toddler daughter to safety.

The cold-blooded murder, was caught on CCTV footage, shows just seconds after André Ribeiro, 46, pulled up in his car outside an address in the Brazilian state of Permambuco, where the hitman had been waiting for him.

This is the moment a father realizes he is about to be assassinated Saturday night and calmly hands over his daughter to safety.

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The footage shows Mr Riberio getting out of the car and walking over to open the back door, where he picks up his little girl.

A woman in a red dress, believed to be either Mr Riberio's partner or nanny, also exits the car while Mr Riberio cuddles his little girl, before the hitman suddenly appears.

The woman then gets out but at this point the killer, dressed in a white t-shirt and baseball cap, appears and points his handgun at the dad, The Sun reported.

But the lawyer calmly hands his daughter to the lady, who also seems cool-headed.

He then gets down on the ground and the killer fires five bullets into him at point blank range before fleeing the crime scene.

The Sun reports that, Mr Ribeiro died instantly. The child was unhurt as was the woman - which some local media reports say was his wife, while others say was a maid.

The Sun reported that, police believe it was an execution rather than a robbery because nothing was stolen, the motive for the killing remains unknown.

My view: That's terrible, so sad, it's reportedly too dangerous being a lawyer in Brazil and most South American countries. I feel for that little girl, why are some people so evil?.

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