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Russian woman, 26, has face ripped to shreds with a broken glass during a row with a singing rival a

A 26-year-old Russian woman had her face ripped to shreds when she was glassed by a rival in a savage bust-up at a karaoke bar.

Irina Malysheva says she was set upon by Larisa Livanova after objecting to her filming her performance on a mobile phone, The Sun reported.

Irina Malysheva was left with horrific injuries after she was attacked by a rival in a karaoke bar

She says she asked Livanova to delete the clip, sparking a disagreement that spilled outside The Sputnick cafe in Apsheronsk, south-western Russia.

Livanova is said to have refused Malysheva’s request before launching into the sickening attack.

Malysheva, 26, said: "Outside I asked her again to delete the video, and got the following answer: ‘I will not delete anything, I do whatever I want!’

"Right after that, she punched me in the shoulder, then splashed whatever was in the glass into my face."

Malysheva says she then tried to defend herself by grabbing hold of her attacker’s hands, as she then tore off her necklaces.

She added: “She then broke the glass on my head and cut my cheek open with the broken glass.”

Malysheva is now being helped by WAG Alana Mamaeva, the wife of FC Krasnodar footballer Pavel Mamaev, 29, who has offered to help pay for plastic surgery.

Police are said to have launched an investigation into the alleged incident.

Larisa Livanova is said to have glassed Irina Malysheva in a savage karaoke bar bust-up

Russian WAG Alana Mamaeva is now caring for Malysheva

Culled from The Sun

My view: This woman is an evil monster, What is it that pushes a person to brutally attack another person like that?.

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