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Dozens of Ryanair passengers taken to hospital after plane loses cabin pressure mid-air

Dozens of Ryanair passengers were hospitalised after the plane cabin became depressurised yesterday afternoon.

The flight from Dublin to Croatia was forced to make an emergency landing in Frankfurt, where German authorities say 33 people were taken to hospital.

Miomir Todorovic, a passenger on board, said his ears hurt after the mid-air plunge, and there were reports of people having bleeding ears as a result of the incident.

Passengers reported a loud bang and masks dropping from above (Picture: Facebook/Miomir Todorovic)

He said: ‘Something went wrong at altitude of around 11,000 meters.

‘We heard sudden bang (not very loud) and air became cold. Masks dropped immediately and we heard announcement about emergency descent.

‘After I secured my and my girlfriend’s mask, I took my cell phone to obtain GPS coordinates. ‘I was terrified when I saw 8,000 meters.

That was dive of 3,000 meters in less than one minute.’

He added: ‘There was some panic at plane, but in the end everyone remained calm.

‘To be honest, Ryanair pilots did excellent job, but it would be much appreciated if they announced that this was a standard procedure in this situations. I have read few reports in last few hours and realized that pilots handled situation perfectly.’

The airline said there was a shortage of accommodation for passengers who had to wait until Saturday morning for another flight.

Culled from Metro

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