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KYLIE JENNER reveals Stormi's pierced ears in filtered video gets backlash as GoFundMe account i

Kylie Jenner shared a filtered video of of her daughter Stormi's pierced ears, as she showed off her sparkling studs on social media.

Some of Kylie's fans slammed her for piercing her 5-month-old daughter's ears

But there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, as millions of mothers around the world pierce their baby's ears at a young age.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe fundraising account has been created, urging fans to support and donate money to help Kylie Jenner hit the $1billion mark. Earlier this week, Forbes published an interview with Kylie Jenner after she was named on their 2018 list of America's Richest Self-Made Women.

With a net worth of over US$900 million, the reality star and cosmetics mogul is just shy of becoming the youngest ever 'self-made' billionaire, a title currently held by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

And now, a popular social media comedian named 'The Fat Jewish' has started crowd-funding online to get Kylie, 20, across the finish line to billionaire status.

He wrote to his 10.5 million followers:

"I don't want to live in a world where Kylie Jenner doesn't have a billion dollars."


The comedian is known for his controversial sense of humor, but many of his fans and other social media users aren't seeing the funny side.

One fan wrote, "Anyone who donates... HOPE YOU DIE!"

Another said, "Why don't you help someone who actually needs the money? I know, crazy idea."

It is reported that, the campaign has raised just US$88 of its US$100 million goal.

According to previous reports by Bloomberg at least US$422 had been donated, but it appears the GoFundMe page has since been removed and re-posted.

See video and pictures below:

My view: There's absolutely nothing wrong with piercing a 5-month-old baby's ears. What I don't agree with, is when some media outlets over-exaggerate things, like one magazine said because Kylie is about to become a billionaire therefore her daughter Stormi is the 'cutest child on planet earth and no offense to other children'. I must say all children are adorable and cute because they are all innocent, and they didn't choose their genetic pool and rich or poor parents. But to say Kylie's daughter is the cutest on planet earth, wow, it's just going to the extreme, I don't know the planet that the writer of that article lives on, oh maybe it's cocoon planet Hollywood. So where do you place Dream Kardashian, who is clearly the stunning one in the Kardashian and Jenner clan, and then you have Chicago, True and Stormi, Chicago is so pretty, True and Stormi are adorable and they look alike, and Stormi is looking more like her father Travis. So if some of these patronising media outlets announced that Kylie's child is the cutest on planet earth, I just wonder where they'd place Serena Williams stunningly beautiful daughter Olympia Ohanian, South African DJ Zinhle and AKA's beautiful daughter Kairo Forbes, Peter and Paul Okoye's daughters, Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy, Davido's cute daughter Imade, Kenya gospel singer Bahati's daughter's and Peter Andre's cute girls, just to mention a few, so you can see how the planet earth looks like with cute kids all over the world. And when some fans say, "OMG, what a gorgeous baby! That is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. AW, sooooo cute, " and the child's picture is just the opposite, then just know that they're patronising you and not telling the truth.