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Kenya gospel singer lands multi-million TV deal, set to star in new reality show 'Being Bahati&#

Kenya gospel star Bahati, 24, has landed a multi-million deal for his upcoming reality TV show that will air on NTV.

Bahati’s show will open up his love life to his fans in a big way. It will feature his wife Diana Marua, his baby mama Yvette Obura and two daughters.

According to reports the singer did not to reveal how much he was paid, a coy Bahati said, “It’s a good deal worth lots of money, I am so excited about it so let’s wait.”

“It’s a good deal worth lots of money, I am so excited about it so let’s wait,” he told Nairobi News.

“You might have seen the advert running on NTV about a show I am featured. It’s a reality show that will start to air after the World Cup. It will air during prime time on Sundays,” the gospel artist disclosed of the show which is expected to air in the last week of July.

“There is so much that people don’t know about me, like my wedding, the dowry payment ceremony and much more about my personal life,” he added.

Bahati got married to Diana Marua in 2017 and they have a daughter, Heaven Bahati. He also has an older daughter by the name Mueni from a past relationship with his ex, Yvette Obura.

NTV’s head of TV Justus Tharao said the show will prominently feature the singer’s love life as well as behind the scenes stories of his celebrity lifestyle.

The show titled ‘Being Bahati is set to start airing after the World Cup.

Buhati, 24, with his pretty wife Diana Marua, 31.

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My view: Good for him, but I hope Bahati,24, knows the amount of scrutiny, he'll receive and the advantages and disadvantages of exposing his family through reality shows, because reality shows make and break relationships, it's not just about signing multi-million deal, he should also be ready for both the positive and negative comments that comes with reality shows. Buhati likes protecting his cute wife Diana Marua, who is about 7-years older than him, who has reportedly dated several men after she split from her former boyfriend Nick Mudimba. I just hope he's ready for the barrage of criticisms he'll get because of his reality show. I don't get why someone that likes his privacy would want to do a reality show, it's baffling.