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According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is set to be a self-made US billionaire, Kylie's cosmetic company, which she wholly owns, is worth $800m

The mother of one is number 27 on Forbes' list of richest self-made women in America, ahead of Barbra Streisand ($400m), Beyonce Knowles ($335m) and Taylor Swift ($320m).

The former KUWTK star is on track to become a billionaire earlier than the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who achieved the billionaire status at age 23.

Caitlyn Jenner, left, Kendall and Kylie, right

Kylie is just 20 when the Forbes' story publishes (she'll turn 21 in August) she had her daughter Stormi in February.

Kylie Cosmetics launched two years ago with a $29 "lip kit" consisting of a matching set of lipstick and lip liner, and according to Forbes, it has sold more than $630 million worth of makeup since, including an estimated $330 million in 2017. Even using a conservative multiple, and applying Forbes' standard 20% discount, Forbes values her company, which has since added other cosmetics like eye shadow and concealer, at nearly $800 million. Jenner owns 100% of it.

Forbes reports, add to that the millions she's earned from TV programs and endorsing products like Puma shoes and PacSun clothing, and $60 million in estimated after-tax dividends she's taken from her company, and she's conservatively worth $900 million, which along with her age makes her the youngest person on the fourth annual ranking of America's Richest Self-Made Women. (Forbes estimate that 37-year-old Kim Kardashian West, for comparison, is worth $350 million.) But she's not just making history as a woman. Another year of growth will make her the youngest self-made billionaire ever, male or female.

The owner of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, also became a billionaire in his early 20s, but it is unclear exactly when he achieved that goal.

Kylie wrote:

"wow. i can't believe I'm posting my very own @forbes cover," she wrote to her 110m Instagram followers on Wednesday.

"thank you for this article and the recognition. I'm so blessed to do what i love everyday. i couldn't have dreamt this up!" tweeted about the Forbes piece: "Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided."

Kylie Jenner first rose to fame at the age of 10 when she appeared with her family on KUWTK reality show.

My view: Kylie Jenner is using her famous family last names very well, good that she's doing well, but to say she's self made it's so far from the truth, because without the Kardashians and their reality show, Kylie won't be where she is today, she has used the name to her advantage, selling her cosmetics product to her millions of fans on Instagram, and she also gets free advert from the media. Also thanks to her half sister Kim Kardashian West's sex tape, her disgusting naked pictures, spreading her legs open showing off her tasteless pubic or vagina in racy swimsuit, and thanks to the self discipline her father Bruce, now known as Caitlyn Jenner instill in Kylie and Kendall, it's really paying off. Everyone wants their child to be successful and happy. Instilling discipline in your child is a crucial step, and Caitlyn did just that for his two girls. Kylie should continue to pray so Kim can show more of her pubic/vagina racy photos, while she is racing to be the youngest Aided American billionaire. Celebrities should know that some of the pictures they post affects people especially children and babies who are being brutally raped and killed by perverts, because they see the kind of disgusting and crude picture Kim shared on Instagram and view women as an object, thinking your private part is not holy and pure. If you don't want to be criticized then don't post tasteless photos, as anything you share on social media is public and we all have the right to comment on anything once is made public. Finally, Kylie just let Kim do the hardwork, while you laugh all the way to the bank. Also it's good to see that Kylie is back to her natural lips, the next thing is to get rid of the plastic bum, as they make you look old as well and those wigs. Go back to be your natural self just like your pretty sister Kendall, and you and your sister should thank Caitlyn for being in your life when you were growing up.