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Jealous Boris Johnson in four-letter attack on Theresa May: Foreign Secretary stuns colleagues with

According to reports, Boris Johnson has opened up an astonishing new Government split with a crude outburst against Theresa May’s new Brexit policy.

The Foreign Secretary stunned fellow Ministers with his four-letter dismissal of the Prime Minister’s plan at Friday’s special Chequers summit designed to unite the Cabinet. His comment risks making him the first victim of Mrs May’s fresh crackdown on dissent, Daily Mail reported.

Mr Johnson – who has been accused of betrayal by Tory Brexiteers for not blocking Mrs May’s ‘soft Brexit’ proposals – spoke out against the plan for the UK to remain in line with Brussels rules in a new free trade zone with the EU, Daily Mail reported.

Daily Mail reports that, According to a reliable source, Boris Johnson complained that anyone obliged to defend the proposals would be ‘polishing a turd’.

He added sarcastically: ‘Luckily we have some expert turd polishers’ – shooting a glance at one of Mrs May’s spin doctors, Daily Mail reported.

Mr Johnson challenging the PM Theresa May's new policy to her face, he said that her decision to try to ‘align’ UK trading rules with the EU would reduce Britain to the humiliating status of a ‘vassal state’.

The Daily Mail reports that, Mr Johnson also took issue with her cher-ished new customs plan, the Facilitated Customs Arrangement (FCA), claiming it would be a ‘serious inhibitor’ to striking new trade deals with non-EU countries.

His outburst was revealed just hours after Mrs May tried to draw a red line under weeks of open dissent from her Ministers, vowing that from now on she will enforce collective Cabinet responsibility and sack any Ministers who defy her. Some senior Tories believe she may be forced to fire Mr Johnson, according to Daily Mail.

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My view: Theresa May should fire Boris Johnson, he's a jealous mean man, he's so desperate to be Prime Minister, he thinks he's bigger than the party and the country, he's so not, please sack him in your next reshuffle, Boris is selfish and only fighting for himself. Call his bluff and sack him, if he wants another election allow him so they can help clueless Jeremy Corbyn into No 10. There's just nothing you do that's good enough for some of these cowards.