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Love Island Megan’s dad ‘flees the city after being embarrassed by her on show’

Looks like Megan’s going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble when she gets home – after her dad has reportedly done a runner from the city after being ‘humilated’ by her on the show.

According to The Sun, the divisive Love Islander’s behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed by her dear old pops, who works as a marine technician in central London.

As a result Kevin has done a bunk and taken some time away from the city in the hopes that attention around her will calm down.

A source told them: ‘Kevin is ­humiliated and has taken three weeks off work so he doesn’t have to face anyone.

The islander is currently coupled up with Wes (Picture: ITV) ‘If he could have taken three months off, I’m pretty sure he would have.’

Megan has become the most talked about (if not the most universally liked) member of the villa this year, following a series of revelations about her behaviour in and out of the villa.

These have included having sex on TV, being filmed snorting a white powder on a topless photoshoot as well her trysts with Alex, Wes and Eyal.

On Friday night’s episode of the show, the house erupted into chaos starting with an argument spurred on by Laura and Megan.

Megan has just recoupled with Wes after briefly dating Alex in Casa Amor.

She had previously gone after Wes while he was still in a relationship with Laura, and she was less than pleased when seemingly overnight the pair got together.

Over the past few weeks it’s been revealed that Megan left her job as a stripper after breaking the rules and dating a colleague, and has also had ‘sugar daddies’.

She was also connected to Team GB sportsman Tommy Brady just days before going on the show, and had promised she would stay faithful to him.

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

Culled from Metro

My view: Meghan is selling her image cheap in a very bad way just to be famous, and she has no respect for her parents with her disgusting behaviour on the show. Men get away with this kind of thing because they're not the ones being used as an object or opening their legs, it's sad the shame this woman has brought on her father, who has reportedly done a runner from the city after being ‘humilated’ by her on the show. Maybe Meghan is just trying to show off her new cosmetic surgery body, she's an attention seeker.