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Former PM David Cameron spotted at Wimbledon while Theresa May battles over Brexit

David Cameron has been sunning himself up at Wimbledon as Theresa May is locked in crunch talks with her Cabinet about Britain’s future with the EU.

He looked like he was having a whale of a time as he took in the sights and relaxed with his mother Mary as they reclined in the Royal box.

In comparison, his successor was likely having a much more stressful day at Chequers with her ministers as they thrash out the fine points of a Brexit white paper.

Cameron stepped down from his position as Prime Minister immediately after losing the referendum two years ago. Since then, in addition to having a blast at Wimbledon, he has been penning his memoirs and doing corporate speeches.

More recently, he’s reportedly told Boris Johnson not to step down as foreign secretary, and persuaded him to ‘behave’ himself.

It was reported that Johnson could be planning to leave in protest against May’s ‘third way’ proposals for future trade.

The prime minister has set out a plan for the UK to sign up to EU rules on agriculture and food, potentially making it much harder to strike a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

His mother Mary looked a little surprised as he spoke with her son (Picture: Reuters)

Tensions were said to be high, with Mrs May implementing a plan in the event of any minister resigning during the talks.

Ministers were told to hand in their mobile phones to avoid any distractions and they have so far spent more than eight hours locked in the crunch-talks.

She has reportedly combated threats to quit by warning ministers that they will immediately be stripped of their official cars.

The prime minister said ministers have ‘an opportunity and a duty’ to agree on a plan which would command the support of both the public and Parliament.

Downing Street insisted it is ‘categorically untrue’ that the post-Brexit relationship with the EU envisaged by Mrs May would make a trade deal with the US impossible.

But the proposals led to open revolt among Eurosceptic Tory MPs, while Brexit Secretary David Davis is understood to have severe reservations about both the proposal and whether it could prove acceptable to Brussels.

Culled from Metro

My view: Former Prime Minister was spotted at Wimbledon, as he appears to be in good shape and enjoying the tennis game, far away from some of the Tories who are giving Theresa May hard time, I don't just know what's their problem with the PM, it's like some of them cannot take the fact that a woman is their boss, so they must do everything to derail whatever she's doing , as they all want to be PM, and they use Brexit to cover their main motive, how sad is that?.

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