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Trump’s Former Lawyer Michael Cohen hires Clinton's lawyer

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has hired a longtime friend and adviser of Hillary Clinton as his own lawyer, as he removes his affiliation with Trump from his social media. Trump’s lawyer before Michael Cohen, Jay Goldberg, tells Ari Melber the move signals without “any question” that Michael Cohen is looking to cooperate with Federal Prosecutors.

Michael Cohen no longer believes that Trump will pardon him, according to friends. Plus, Trump hires a longtime Clinton loyalist for his legal team. Ari Melber discusses the developments with Mimi Rocah and Matt Miller.

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Culled from MSNBC

My view: I don't blame Michael Cohen for lawyering up with Clinton's lawyer, he has to do something, in order to save himself and his family, as they come first before anything and Trump, the President has already denied Cohen as his full time lawyer, even Trump will not go to jail for anyone, so why should Michael Cohen go to prison because of selfish Trump, who is only loyal to himself.