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Disturbing video shows unconscious woman fall from SUV

In a video released by Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials, a driver of an SUV vehicle is seen picking up an unconscious woman who fell out of the vehicle at a Florida intersection. (Twitter)

Detectives in Florida say they’ve found a sports utility vehicle that a woman was seen falling from as it passed through a busy intersection. But it’s not clear whether they’ve found the woman, who appeared to be unconscious, or the driver who picked her up off the road and put her back into the SUV before driving away.

The incident on Monday afternoon was captured on video at an intersection near the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials said in a news release sent Tuesday morning that they have no further details about the case.

They had been searching for the vehicle. Investigators also canvassed the area and checked with local hospitals looking for the woman.

Scroll down for video

Associated Press

My view: That's horrible, the driver didn't even bother to call an ambulance.

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