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Tube passengers ignore ‘heavily pregnant’ woman and leave her standing (Pictures and Video)

You would think that for most people it is basic etiquette to give up your seat on public transport for pregnant women, the disabled or the elderly.

However Anna Whitehouse, a blogger, discovered that there are still a lot of people who will just ignore them.

She wore a fake baby bump on a day when temperatures in London were 25°C to see how many people would give up their seat.

Anna, who is trying to get mothers-to-be to be more confident about asking for a seat, found that just four people out of 10 offered to give up their seat – a fifth man moved for her when she asked him directly.

The ambassador for the #ExpectingChange campaign said: ‘Pregnancy is not a weakness, but it is a vulnerability and I felt this during my first trimester in particular. ‘Busy, hot, and cramped commuting conditions can be incredibly stressful both physically and mentally, and being able to sit down can make a difference.

‘However, from my own experience, I find that people are either too engrossed in their phones to be aware of their surroundings, or won’t offer their seat unless prompted.

‘I’d encourage anyone who needs a seat on public transport to wear a badge and make eye contact. If that fails, don’t suffer in silence – ask for one.’

Culled from Metro

My view: Just ask, instead of suffering in silence, as some people won't bother to get up, if you don't ask..