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'I am not perfect' says Malaysia's former prime minister - The ex PM released a pre-reco

Najib Razak has released a pre-recorded video message after he was arrested on Tuesday for corruption and breach of trust.

The former Prime Ministaer pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to corruption charges linked to an investigation into $4.5 billion missing from state investment fund 1MDB, of which hundreds of millions of dollars were reportedly found in Najib's personal bank accounts.

Najib Razak has denied any wrongdoing, but his tone and appearance in the video seems humble but doesn't concede any guilt, it kind of indicates that the ex PM knew he would shortly be arrested and had begun preparing for a legal and public opinion campaign.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

According to a translation from Channel News Asia Najib says: "My dear Malaysians, if you are listening to this message, it means that actions have been taken against m.”

"There has been a lot of fake news and images spread, many of them false, convoluted and slanderous. Let investigations be conducted first, I have not had the chance to defend myself," Najib's voiceover said.

He added: "I am not perfect, I am only human. However, please believe that these accusations leveled against me and my family are not all true... I have tried my very best but I realize that it isn’t enough.

"In recent weeks, Malaysia's new prime minister Mahathir Mohamad had said there was "an almost perfect case" against Najib and that charges would soon be filed.

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Mr Najib, has been accused of pocketing $700m (£517m) from state development fund 1MDB.

Billions of dollars are reportedly unaccounted for from the fund, set up by Mr Najib.

The former PM has been under investigation since his shock election defeat in May. Najib Razak denies any wrongdoing.

Scroll down for video

My view: It's like crying over spilt milk. So what about the alleged hundreds of millions dollars found in his account, was that his salary?, the PM should explain to his fellow countrymen and women how and why the alleged $700million ( was paid into his account, and what is the large sum for, is he keeping it safe for his fellow citizens?

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