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Cleveland hurting after LeBron James chooses L.A.

LeBron James jerseys in assorted colors hung inside the Clevelend Cavaliersteam shop, their retail price slashed by 40 percent.

Eight years ago, some of them were still smoldering in the streets.

The day after James announced he is leaving Cleveland as a free agent for the second time since 2010, anger gave way to acceptance. There was still deep disappointment that the world's best player -- Akron, Ohio, born and raised -- is leaving again, this time for the brighter lights of Los Angeles and a chance to play with the storied Lakers.

The pain is real. Cleveland is just handling it a lot better this time.

"It hurts at first, but we'll be OK," said Dave Howes, who manages Harry Buffalo, a sports bar and restaurant situated across the street from the Cavs' home, Quicken Loans Arena. "We'll rebound from it."

If any city knows how to mount a comeback, it's this one. Once a national punchline for jokes, Cleveland is thriving with new hotels, shops, condominiums and trendy microbreweries popping up on both sides of the Cuyahoga River. Millennials have flocked to live in once-neglected areas transformed into flourishing neighborhoods with hip food and arts scenes.

A skyline once dotted with factory smokestacks now features gleaming high-rise apartment buildings.

There's new construction everywhere, including at the basketball arena, which is currently undergoing a $140 million renovation.

Nothing looks as it did a few years ago.

James made it happen. The LeBron Effect. He put Cleveland on the map, changing the city's collective psyche and delivering on his promise by winning a championship in 2016 -- the city's first since 1964.

No wonder some are having a hard time saying goodbye. But the criticism of James was more muted this time around.

Cavaliers forward Cedi Osman shared a heartfelt Instagram post to wish James well in L.A. and express how much he'll miss his now-former teammate.

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