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Khloe Kardashian says she's 'obsessed' with her baby girl as she shares another filtered

Khloe Kardashian recently admitted to being 'obsessed' with her daughter True Thompson


And on Saturday, the reality star shared another filtered video of her baby girl True.

Two-month-old True smiled and gurgled in the video.

See pictures and video below:

Khloe pictured with Kim and their babies, True, left, and Chicago, right. Khloe's baby looks different in the picture as she did not use heavy filter on True.

Filtered picture of True and her Dad Tristan Thompson

My view: Khloe revealed that she's obsessed with her daughter, well it's your child so you should be, but I don't believe that Khloe is obsessed with her daughter, she's actually obsessed with changing her daughter's facial features with filter as her behaviour shows she really wants a different face for her baby, she use filter to alter her nose, eyes, cheeks, forehead and it seems Khloe can't do without wearing True a headband. I'd suggest she should start a collection of headband called True headband. Honestly speaking, Khloe should talk to someone about her obsession with using filter to make her child look cute or even worse at-times with the filter, if your family members can't see that you have a problem, because you want your daughter to look different, then listen to me, because you really have a problem. What's the point of using filter to change your daughter's face, it's pointless, but please don't have another baby with 'cheater' Tristan, if you have to use headband and filter daily for the baby, Tristan is absolutely not worth it, and please seek help you need it. I don't understand why you and Kylie use filter and liquify photoshop for your babies, as they have different faces with each picture.