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Book by reality star Lady Colin about Queen’s sex life sparks outrage

OUTRAGEOUS claims about the Queen and Prince Philip’s sex life were published in a scandalous new book on Thursday.

Fame-hungry Lady Colin Campbell’s lurid — and unfounded — stories include details of Her Majesty’s “healthy sexual appetite” and how Philip has such an eye for the ladies that he even flirted with HER.

The former I’m A Celebrity contestant also suggests Princess Margaret once told her sister, in an act of vengeance, that Philip had been unfaithful to her, sending the monarch into a deep depression.

Some of Lady C’s other sensational tales The Sun has decided not to print, for fear of upsetting our royal-loving readers.

For years, the 68-year-old has been a scourge of the royal family and many were questioning whether it was appropriate for her to making such claims against the much-revered couple, who are in their nineties.

Lady Colin Campbell

Some dismissed them as “total bunkum”. Respected commentator Judy Wade said last night: “I have never seen Lady Colin Campbell with a member of the royal family, or on a job about the royal family. You can say whatever you like about the Queen because she won’t sue, but it doesn’t mean it is true.”

In her 320-page book, The Queen’s Marriage — which she theatrically unveiled at a London press event — Lady Colin “reveals” what she says are secrets of the royal bedchamber.

She insists “a variety of sources” told her of Philip and the Queen’s sexual passion, especially on their honeymoon at Lord Mountbatten’s Hampshire home, Broadlands.

Using the Queen’s family nickname of Lilibet, she writes that “the servants were full of talk about how patently Lilibet enjoyed her introduction to the pleasures of the flesh”.

She continues: “Philip confided in his brother-who-never-was, David Milford Haven, that Lilibet had a very healthy appetite sexually.

“He also let slip to his other Mountbatten cousin, Patricia, that Lilibet had the most beautiful skin all over.

“There has never been any doubt that they had a torrid time between the sheets. It started in her marriage and continued throughout, and there was never any secret about it.

“Philip himself said she was a goer and in civilised circles an appreciation of sex has never been regarded as shameful but a sign of good health.”

Lady Colin also described Philip as a “great flirt”, claiming she had first-hand experience. She said last night: “He loves the company of beautiful women. He’s a huge flirt. I don’t know any pretty girl he hasn’t flirted with.

“He’s flirted with me before. He’s never said anything untoward, he’s just flirtatious. The sort of thing he says is, ‘You’re looking good tonight’, but he is a flirt.

“The Queen didn’t mind at all. She gave him free rein to have Cavalier Servente — where you have friendships with the opposite sex, which are very close.

“To Philip they were like pets, they were his playthings. He even called them his playmates, they shared physical activities like carriage driving, and interests. It is a constructive way of keeping him occupied and entertained.”

The I'm A Celebrity contestant says Prince Philip also flirted with her as well as many other women despite being married to The Queen

At the book launch, Lady Colin added that Philip’s flirting helped fuel rumours he had cheated on the Queen. She said: “Problems started as soon as the Queen came to the throne, when courtiers went out of their way to cause problems within the marriage. Up to the point of accession they had a happy, picture-perfect marriage.”

The book also suggests that when the Queen helped prevent Princess Margaret marrying divorced royal equerry Peter Townsend, her sister took revenge and spread rumours about Philip cheating.

She alleges: “At Buckingham Palace, the fallout from the Margaret-Townsend debacle was considerable.

“A fashionable psychiatrist, who was very much part of the smart set, told me, ‘She cracked up under the strain of her sister’s revelations about Prince Philip’s activities’.”

But Lady Colin said she believes Philip did not sleep with his close friend, Lady Penny Romsey, who he was often seen in the company of, causing much gossip.

She writes: “Penny’s friends also have no doubt that the relationship, though passionate and loving, does not, and never did, include sex.”

Lady C comments on many Royals in her new book, including the Queen's late younger sister Princess Margaret and her husband Anthony Armstrong-Jones

Other royals targeted in the book include Prince Charles, who she brands a “world-class moaner” — behaviour fostered by the Queen Mother, who encouraged Charles to be extravagant and luxury-loving.

“This caused conflict with his parents, both of whom were thrifty by nature,” she wrote.

Lady Colin said she “never had any pressure from the palace” to tone down her revelations. She said defiantly: “They know I am honest and they’ve known about this book for a while.

“What I have written stands the test of time and if it’s going to come out it may as well come out through somebody who is even-handed and balanced, and has no anti-Monarchist agenda.”

Prince Charles is referred to as a 'moaner' by Lady C

But doubts were raised about how well-placed Lady Colin really is to know such intimate details.

Judy Wade, who has written seven books about the royals, said: “She does dish the dirt. Readers should approach with caution.”

The Queen’s former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, said: “I will not dignify anything Lady Colin Campbell writes or says with a comment.”

A spokeswoman from Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

Source: The Sun UK

My view: D-list Lady Colin Campbell is disgusting, vile and very rude, why write about the Queen's sex life, she's a dignified 92-year-old woman, who looks better than you, we don't want to know about her sex life, please show some respect. Lady Colin or whatever. She was not good to watch on I'm A Celebrity. She said Prince Philip loves the company of beautiful women, and she's one of the pretty women he has flirted with, give me a break don't overrate yourself, take a good look in the mirror. She claimed that the Queen encouraged Prince Charles to be extravagant and luxury-loving, this is so petty, it's as if she's trying to settle an old score. At 92 the Queen looks better than 68-year-old vile Lady Colin.

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