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Nigeria fuel truck blaze kills at least nine and 54 vehicles burnt in Lagos tanker fire

A petrol tanker has caught fire in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos, killing at least nine people, officials say.

More than 50 vehicles, including five buses, were set ablaze after the truck lost control and spilled its contents on a busy motorway during rush hour, BBC reported

The tanker is said to have crashed after its brakes failed.

Fuel explosions are common in Nigeria, Africa's biggest oil producer. Petrol is transported via badly maintained roads and vehicles.

The incident on Thursday occurred at about 17:30 local time (16:30 GMT) on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, one of the main motorways into the city.

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Culled from BBC

My view: Nigerian government should ban petrol tankers from operating in the day, they should only be allowed at night, in order to avoid tragic accident like this, also the roads are so bad they need maintenance. It's sad to watch people getting burnt alive with no emergency services to help.

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