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Bronx murder victim ‘Junior’ was KICKED OUT of shop while begging for help after being butchered by

NEW CCTV footage shows a dying boy being KICKED OUT of a shop while begging for help after being butchered by a gang in The Bronx.

Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, was beaten and stabbed outside a New York bodega in what gang leaders now claim was a case of mistaken identity, The Sun reported.

The latest horrifying clip shows the aspiring cop's final moments as he returned to the Zesarina Grocery store - where his attackers dragged him from shortly before midnight on Wednesday evening.

Lesandro is seen staggering in and lying across the counter while begging for help - before employees heartlessly point him to the exit.

With blood pouring from his neck, the teenager - known to friends as Junior - ran to nearby St Barnabas Hospital but collapsed just feet away and later died.

Police in New York and Jersey have now arrested seven suspects in connection with the killing.

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The arrests came as more than a thousand turned out to tribute to the innocent teenager last night at a packed Bronx funeral home.

Speaking at the wake, the teen's dad Lissandro Guzman said: “My heart is broken, really broken.

“He’s my son, but he’s also like my best friend.”

On the 38-year-old father’s left hand was a fresh tattoo depicting his son’s face above the message “R.I.P. 2018.”

Guzman-Feliz’s mom said the gang members believed to have hacked her son apart with a machete and knives “changed me inside.”

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“This changed my heart. I feel different, they kill me,” Leandra Feliz cried. “My heart is not the same.”

Police believe Lesandro could have been mistaken for a man in an online sex tape with a relative of one of the attackers.

The aspiring NYPD cop’s parents were among more than a thousand people who flocked to the funeral home to pay their respects.

Lesandro was a proud member of the New York Police Department Law Enforcement Explorers - who came out in droves to remember their colleague.

Lisandro Guzman honoured his son with a new tattoo, which he revealed at the wake

Childhood friend Nicky Hernandez, 18, added: “[He] didn’t like trouble. He didn’t like to get into the mix,” said friend Hernandez, 18.

“He always wanted to become a cop,” she recalled. “He was looking for a job because he wanted to make money to help out his mom.”

The teenager had always dreamt of becoming a detective

Mourners lit candles in memory of the dead teen

Lesandro was stabbed to death outside this bodega in The Bronx, New York

Culled from The Sun UK

My view: The video footage is heartbreaking, very brutal murder, this boy was begging the shop staff for help and they refused, they didn't call for an ambulance or the police when he was being dragged from the shop. The monsters pretend in court not to speak English, these thugs are the reason why President Trump is determined to seperate innocent children from their mothers, which is wrong, also unfortunately they are the reason why Trump will win the next election. It's so sad the brutal manner these idiots butchered the 15-year-old boy, now we all know why Trump is deporting those who are criminals, they should deport their families as well, then others will learn. Few days before the 15-year-old boy was killed, the same gang beat and stabbed a 14-year-old boy, who is currently in hospital. The girl who allegedly set the boy up in order to protect her boyfriend should be jailed as well, they are all scumbags. Honestly I don't see how Trump won't win the next election with this kind of evil gangs terrorising and killing innocent people. No parent should allow their teenage child go out at midnight or even 7pm in such a dangerous area. It's also time for Britain to start showing the faces of teenage boys who go out and stab or shoot people, America show the evil teenage faces why can't they do the same thing in Britain they shouldn't be protected if they're man enough to kill.