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Khloe K’s Heart ‘Melted’ Seeing Tristan With True & Prince: She reportedly Wants Another Baby De

According to HollywoodLife a source close to the reality star told the online publication that, “Khloe [Kardashian] took the photo of Tristan with Prince and True, and she absolutely loves it. Khloe really wants True to know her big brother, and she’s happy that the kids are spending time together.” But, how does Tristan’s other baby mama Jordan Craig feel?

“Khloe and Jordan don’t have the best relationship. Jordan totally blames Khloe for her breakup with Tristan, even though Khloe insists things were over between the two of them before she started seeing him,” HollywoodLife insider continued. For those of you who don’t know, Jordan gave birth to Prince in December of 2016, just a few months after Khloe and Tristan started dating. “So, it’s definitely more than a little strained between them. But, Jordan is never going to stop Tristan from seeing his son, and so she has to bite the bullet regarding Khloe as he’s living with her, as much as Jordan hates it, the source added.

“Khloe loves Prince. She thinks he’s totally like a tiny little Tristan, and is just too cute for words. Seeing Tristan with Prince and True melts Khloe’s heart, and it’s even got her thinking about having another baby with him– it seems she’s finally managed to put the whole cheating scandal behind her at last,” HollywoodLife source continued.

Cute Prince Thompson pictured with his half sibling True, Kloe's daughter

True Thompson

Tristan's ex girlfriend Jordan Craig

Khloe and Tristan

My view: Good to know that desperate Khloe Kardashian, 33, reportedly wants to have another baby for Tristan, 27, I totally concur with her that she should have another baby that'll look exactly like Tristan, so she can filter and photoshop it facial features, and wear her more headband because she's hiding her baby's head. I hope Tristan will also have another baby with his gorgeous ex girlfriend Jordan Craig because she'll definitely give him another beautiful baby as her son is very cute, also Jordan should be happy that her son looks like her, because Prince Thompson is the cute one. Jordan you should be glad that your ex boyfriend Tristan dumped you for someone like Khloe and she has now given him his look alike, while you're winning in the beauty department.

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