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Teacher asked a student to "come out of his colleague's lap" (Video)

Facebook user Emmanuel Ramos shared the video

The case of the "student who sat on the lap of the boyfriend in the classroom" had repercussion in the social networks due to a video recorded by the student himself. The young man, who is homosexual, appeared calling the head of the homophobic school after she asked him not to stay in her boyfriend's lap in the classroom.

The case occurred at the Aida Cortez Ramalho Pereira School in Mossoró, in the western region of Rio Grande do Norte. The student in question is Ricardo Silva, who is 18 years old, and is in his third year of high school.

Unlike Ricardo, the classroom is not the place to behave as you see fit, such as sitting on your boyfriend's lap. Faced with inappropriate behavior for the environment, the director caught his attention and was offended by the same, who accused her of being homophobic.

In the video, Ricardo says, "I'm sitting here on my boyfriend's lap and the director wants to get me off my boyfriend's lap."

After the case, the principal, who is also a teacher at the same school, approached an education promoter. "I wanted him to understand the gravity of the situation. Something has to be done , "she told G1.

The case ended up stopping at the police station and the boy will respond criminally for having accused his teacher and principal of the school in a slanderous and improper manner.

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Culled from Jornalivre