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Stormi's mother Kylie Jenner and her BFF Jordin Woods sings along to boyfriend Travis Scott as s

Kylie Jenner pictured with her BFF Jordin Woods as they support Stormi's Dad Travis Scott when he played the Spotify Beach Party at the Cannes Lions Festival.

Kylie shared the backstage video footage on her Instagram Stories for her 110 million followers.

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The reality star and her friend Jordin Woods pictured as they showed off their beverages at the swank bash.

Pretty Kylie flaunted her surgically enhanced boobs in a denim top and matching split skirt, with a denim jacket slung over one shoulder, while her friend Jordin teamed a pair of khaki trousers with a black crop top.

Kylie's lips looks swollen in this picture, maybe she had more botox done

The 20-year-old mother of one has completely changed her face with plastic surgery that makes her look 40.

My view: It's baffling how a young girl with over $200million in her bank account would end up with a man like Travis Scott, then she's forced to use filter and liquify photoshop on her baby's facial features to make her look cute, and now she's allegedly pregnant again with Travis second child, then she'll use photoshop for the first picture of the baby, and when she post the real face with adorable chubby cheeks, it becomes confusing. Get yourself a good looking man Kylie, if you don't want to continue to photoshop and hide your baby's face in pictures and videos. Take a page from your cute sister Kendall who only dates handsome men. Kylie please your lips are badly done, can you stop it already, it's just getting worse they look like a trout pout, you're just 20 why do you like looking 40.