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Naked woman died trying to fight out of airing cupboard when she got stuck

Metro reports that, A woman died after she is believed to have spent several days trying to escape from an airing cupboard when she became trapped.

Desperate in the pitch black, Elizabeth Mary Isherwood, 60, scratched at the door and hammered through the plaster work to try and escape.

She was unable to open the door when the lock disintegrated in her hand so started using the shelving and copper piping to escape.

But when she broke off the pipe, cold water started pouring into the tiny room, covering everything in water.

A pathologist said she may have spent several days trying to escape after they found holes in the wall. One led to a wall of solid blocks, the other pierced through to a picture.

A neighbour heard banging coming from the flat at Plas Talgarth holiday complex in Machynlleth, mid-Wales, but failed to report it.

It was only when water started gushing through the ceiling of an apartment below that it was realised there was a problem and a maintenance worker found her body.

An inquest heard that she was on the first day of her holiday in September last year when she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

For some reason she then went into the airing cupboard, the door of which opens inwards and it closed behind her.

However, the door knob was faulty and the care worker became stuck.

‘Being unable to turn the lock and realising she was trapped and there was no light, at some stage she first of all pulled the shelves off. Whether she used them to try and get out, I can’t say.

‘What she did do was she pulled the copper piping and a piece was broken off.

This was used to try initially to open the door because there were marks on the door but also used to try and break a hole through the wall of the airing cupboard.

‘I believe she knocked some of the plaster of one wall to find blocks behind.’

Mrs Isherwood, from Wolverhampton, managed to make a second hole in another wall, but on the other side was a picture.

Mr Dewi Pritchard continued: ‘She had been able to break a hole completely through that wall. I think the presence of the picture meant she didn’t realise. She probably thought she couldn’t get out.’

Recording a conclusion of misadventure he described ‘the sheer bad luck that the [door] knob disintegrated while Mrs Isherwood was in the cupboard, although I can’t say why she was there.’

Pathologist Dr Brian Rodgers told the coroner: ‘I can’t tell you when she went in that cupboard but she may well have been in there a number of days trying to get out.

‘Whether she’s somehow gone in the wrong door, got confused, who knows? But she’s entered that airing cupboard and the door has closed behind her.’

Culled from Metro

My view: It's so sad, badluck and a neighbour heard banging but failed to report.