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Meghan Markle’s floral maxi dress compared to an M&S duvet

Meghan and her husband Prince Harry were attending the wedding of Princess Diana's niece, Celia McCorquodale on Saturday, just four weeks after their royal and celebrity studded wedding.

The Duchess of Sussex wore the controversial £3,922 long sleeve cocktail dress by Oscar De LA Renta – who also styled mother Doria Ragland at her wedding.

But social media users have been quick to question Meghan’s style, saying how baggy and ill-fitting the dress looked – similar to comments on her £240,000 Givenchy wedding gown.

One Twitter user went as far as to compare her expensive frock to a duvet, but at least an M&S one, not Primark though.

One person posted: “Is Meghan Markle okay?

“Why is she always drowning in her outfits ?”

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Some people even compared her fascinator to a bath sponge, saying: “That outfit looks like a departure from her usual style, but if she needs to borrow one, I have several of those "hats" hanging out with the shower gel in my bathroom, The Sun reported.

“I guess one can't be flawless all the time.

“It does at least look very comfortable.”

Another wrote: “Meghan Markle needs a stylist. I said what I said.”

A third tweeted: “Her style is alright but the clothes are ill fitting.”

And in keeping with the bath theme another person posted: "And, don't forget the flowered bath robe that's too big for you!"

But one person did defend the former actress, posting: "I like her style."

And another praised her dress, commenting: "Meghan Markle showcases a softer, floral feminine look at Harry's cousins wedding in a blue floral Oscar de la Renta gown."

This person appreciated her entire style, writing: "Oh you gorgeous girl."

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My view: Meghan is just experimenting how to be posh, she went from being Hollywood glamorous actress to matronly frumpy Meghan, with the ridiculous £3,922 floral dress, it's baffling how anyone would spend that insane amount on a baggy and ill-fitting dress, especially a humanitarian campaigner. It seems she has since forgotten about the Rewanda children she used as photo-op for her resume to get her prince. Also if you don't want to be talked about on your wedding day, make sure you invite Meghan Markle.