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Kylie Jenner's Father's Day Post for Caitlyn Jenner slammed as she shares new video of her d

On Father's Day, Kylie posted pictures of her and Kendall with Caitlyn Jenner when they were little kids, celebrating her father and saying "so lucky to have you." But her followers questioned why the reality star posted pre-transition photos, that Kylie should have shared Caitlyn's current pictures that showed her as a woman.

Kylie's fans pointed out that her Father's Day pictures were exclusively of Caitlyn before she came out as transgender, which some said is disrespectful to Caitlyn. Others questioned the mother-of-one calling Caitlyn her dad, since she doesn't identify as a man. No one knows how Caitlyn feels about the photos, as she did not tick the like section or commented on the throwback photos her daughter posted.

See Kylie's controversial Father's Day post below:

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

Caitlyn, who has six children from three marriages, spent Father's Day with her younger friend Sophia Hutchins, 21

Sophia is also a transgender, she wore a black and white patterned mini dress with drop half-sleeves.

It is reported that the pair have been spending lots of time together prompting speculation that they are engaged and plan to marry

An anonymous insider told Radar Online in early May: 'They consider each other soul mates and freely admit they couldn't imagine a life with anyone else at this point,' Daily Mail reported.

My view: Kylie Jenner loves the millions of Likes she gets on her Instagram posts as they're financially rewarding, so she doesn't really care if they're appropriate photos or not, I believe she did that on purpose knowing the reaction she'd receive from her followers. I don't get how Kylie Jenner think Caitlyn would like her old unflattering pictures, that reminded her of once being a man. Kylie Jenner deleted all the photoshopped and other photos of her daughter on her Instagram page because according to reports, social media trolls were insulting her that her baby is ugly and saying mean things about Stormi. Then she surprised her fans by sharing a video of Stormi without showing her face. It's Kylie's fault for posting filtered and photoshopped pictures and video of her baby, making the baby to have different facial features everytime. Also Kylie should have wished Caitlyn happy Father's Day privately without seeking for attention, millions of Likes and telling off by fans on Instagram. Some celebs shouldn't always expect positive comment from all their followers when they post pictures, you can't have your cake and eat, fans are not doormat or yesmen/women that'll like everything you share. It's better to keep some things private.