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Woman dies after 'jumping into river to save drowning dog'

A WOMAN died after she jumped into a river to save her drowning dog.

The 35-year-old was walking her pet at the Moulton Marsh Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire when it ran off and entered the water, The Sun reported.

Police have now confirmed they were called to the scene following reports the woman went into the fast-flowing river moments after her dog.

It is reported that a major search was launched by police, the coastguard and fire crews but her body was found at 1.35pm on Wednesday.

According to reports, It is believed the dog made it out of the River Well and unharmed.

The area is well known for strong currents and is popular with dog walkers, The Sun reported.

A warning has now been issued Skegness RNLI to anyone walking their dog near water.

A spokesman said: “Never go into the water after your pet. Call 999 who will put you through to the coastguard.

“Dogs are strong swimmers, much stronger than us, so will come back eventually.

“Going into the water after your pet can end in tragedy. This young woman’s death is a tragedy, it’s a tragic loss of life.

“I understand it’s an immediate reaction to run into the water as people love their pets and they are a part of the family, but if you see your dog in trouble do not go after it.

"We are here to help and we have helped rescue many dogs from the water. Don’t put your life at risk, call us.”

Gareth Boxall Lincolnshire Police Inspector said: "At 10.15am we were called to the nature reserve at Moulton Marsh to a report of a lady having entered the River Welland.

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