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Politics I can attend to national issues better now after Ramadan fast – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said after successful completion of this year’s Ramadan fast, he is much healthier to attend to national issues.

He said even although he was advised not to fast due to ill-health, he refused because he knows the benefits of fasting and having missed that of last year due to ill-health, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity this time around, more so when he was up to it.

Buhari spoke when he received a delegation of Federal Capital Territory, led by the minister, Mohammed Bello to pay the traditional Sallah homage.

The delegation comprised of lawmakers, religion leaders, some cabinet members, security chiefs, presidential aides as well as privileged few FCT residence.

Buhari while noting that the delegation was larger than that of last year, said, “I’m very grateful to the ministers and church leadership that came to say happy Eid-el-Fitri to those of us that have been fasting. A lot of people asked me if on health grounds I can default, I refused because I know the value in fasting, I cannot miss it once I can do it. Last year I didn’t because I was on health vacation but this year I have done it and I thank God because it has helped me to be much more healthier to give me the time that I need to attend to national issues.”

Buhari last month was back in London from May 8-11, to see his doctors.

That medical trip made it the third in 2018 alone, the first being the nine days visit just before the recent Commonwealth Heads of government meeting in that country and the second, during the technical stop over in London on his way to Nigeria from his recent visit to the United States on the invitation of President Donald Trump.

President Buhari also used the occasion to appeal to Nigerians to shun individualism and sectionalism, reiterating his position 30 years ago, that Nigeria belongs to all hence the need to salvage it together.

Buhari to his guests that, “Please in your constituencies emphasized what I said about 30 years ago, we don’t have another country except Nigeria we may as well remain here and salvage it together, there is nothing else we can do. Even those that had gone out are now trying to come back because they are not wanted out there. I wished that all the resources they had then they had deployed it here it would have been much better. So thank you very much and please try to persuade your constituencies to work much harder away from individualism and sectionalism.”

Culled from The Sun News Nigeria

My view: It is very clear that Buhari has nothing to offer, especially to millions of jobless Nigerians with no Income Support, while he travels to London for medical treatment. Also, I don't just get how Nigerian Senators earn over $73,000 N40million monthly while so many people are suffering and starving, where is the economic justice, why are Nigerian working politicians so wicked, very mean and heartless, they have no soul at all, when are the looters going to consider giving unemployed Nigerians monthly allowance. Vote Buhari out and vote for Sowore.