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Arsenal star Hector Bellerin says he wants to be fashion designer after retiring from football

Arsenal star Hector Bellerin wants to move into fashion designing after retiring.

In an interview, the defender told Wealth Simple that, he has other ambitions away from football when he he retire.

He said: "Becoming a designer myself is a long-term goal. I've seen my mom do it since I was really young and I've seen some of the pieces that she was able to create.

"I wouldn't like to just print a t-shirt with my name and put it online. I want to do something that is different, that people can appreciate, not just for who I am, but for what those pieces are."

The Arsenal star recalled that his first break in football was when he developed through the Barcelona academy and got his first paycheck

Bellerin said all his teammates would buy exactly the same thing.

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He said: "In football, we have this thing that we all carry to training — our wash bag — and all the players come in with Gucci or Louis Vuitton. And so, with your first big paycheck, that's what everyone would go and buy.

"By the first of the month, every young player had a new wash bag. I’m not gonna say that my family had nothing, but we really, really struggled at times when I was young, and that made me appreciate and value money."

Bellerin is still very young and he has plenty of years left in his football career.

Arsenal's new boss Unai Emery and the fans will hope he can help form a designer team capable of winning trophies before he becomes a fashion mogul.

My view: Arsenal's new manager Unai Emery and the fans will hope he can help form a designer team capable of winning titles before he becomes a fashion mogul.