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Doctor tied to tree as wife and daughter were raped at gunpoint by gang of 20

Police investigating the alleged gang rape of a mother and daughter in India

A gang of 20 youths raped a mother and her daughter at gunpoint in front of the father of the family, police have said.

The father, who is a doctor, is said to have been on his way home from his clinic with his wife and 15-year-old daughter on a motorbike when they were attacked in Gaya, in Bihar, India, on Wednesday, Metro reported.

They were surrounded by a gang of 20 youths who were armed and told them to get off the bike at around 8pm.

The doctor tried to stop them assaulting his wife and daughter but he was quickly overpowered and tied to a tree, according to the Times of India.

He was then made to watch as they took it in turns to rape the woman and the girl.

Eleven were arrested shortly after the incident with the other nine being detained the following day after villagers put up roadblocks.

Police inspector general Nayyer Hasnain Khan said: ‘The three were passing through Sondiha on a motorcycle when they were waylaid by youths carrying firearms.

‘They raped the mother and the daughter after tying the father to a tree.’

He added that the gang of youths were behind a number of mobile phone and cash thefts from students in the village.

Culled from Metro

My view: What's wrong with some people, so evil and disgusting act, I hope they're are locked up for a very long time.