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Raunchy Meghan Markle's images set to hit Kate and Wills’ privacy payout in new legal battle

MEGHAN Markle’s sexy shoots mean William and Kate should not have got a £92,000 privacy payout over topless magazine pics, lawyers claim.

Snaps of the Duchess of Sussex, 36, before she joined the Royals are at the centre of an appeal in the French courts.

Cheeky…another scene – and another outfit – from the Men’s Health video

The country’s Closer mag ran snaps of Kate sunbathing, taken without permission at a rural chateau in 2012.

She and Prince William sued and won damages that far exceed typical payouts.

Now lawyers are appealing the sum, saying ex-actress Meghan’s images prove royals are “happy with sexy photos”.

Not so demure…Meghan appearing as a sexy maid in a 2009 episode of CSI: New York

One legal source said: “They’re happy with sexy photos of themselves when they’re in control, but claim huge amounts if they’re unauthorised. There’s ridiculous hypocrisy involved.”

The case starts at Versailles Ap­peal Court today.

Among images to be shown are sequen­ces from a 2013 vid Meghan shot for Men’s Health Magazine.

Scroll down for video

Culled from Scottish Sun

My view: Kate's private holiday pictures were illegally taken by the photographer, and what has it got to do with coyly Meghan Markle's racy pictures, Meg will always be the spoiler because of the racy pictures and raunchy selfies she proudly took in the past and now pretending to be this innocent 21-year-old virgin. Meg knows a lot about the royal history more than some members of the royal family but she lied to Harry that she didn't know much and used that along with her humanitarian resume to strategically manipulate the Prince. Meghan refused to invite her African-American family to her wedding, maybe she'll invite them to her 40th birthday in three years. Kate has every right to the £92,000 because her privacy was violated by the hungry photographer, and please stop comparing Kate and MM, the Duchess of Cambridge is classy and doesn't pretend, what you see is what you get, and she invited her controversial uncle Gary Goldsmith, to her wedding, she loves her family good or bad, unlike Meghan who pretends to be what she's not and turned her back on both her mother and father's family because she doesn't want to be seen with them.