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Boyfriends break up fight between their girlfriends in JD Sports

Two girls were filmed as they had a vicious fight in the middle of a JD Sports shop.

As they fought, their companions, thought to be their boyfriends, tried in vain to pull them apart.

But they could not separate the girls who pulled each others’ hair and screamed ‘slag’ at each other at the store in Burnley, Lancashire.

Other customers could only look on in shock as the girls punched, kicked and clawed at each other.

It is thought to have started when one girl asked ‘what the fuck are you looking at?’ and the other replied: ‘Nothing, what’s your fucking problem?’

A woman who filmed them said: ‘It’s not something you expect to see in the middle of the afternoon during the week – a bit of casual shopping and a fight breaks out.

‘Clothes were falling off, bags were falling onto the floor – they were being trampled.

‘Obviously the boyfriends were trying to stop it.

A female member of staff came out and actually got one of the girls in a headlock.

‘A male manager grabbed one of the women from around the waist to pull her away from the other one.

‘They wouldn’t stop even with the two boyfriends and a member of staff trying to separate them.’

They were eventually pulled apart when one girl dropped her purse and stopped to pick it up.

As she was led away, one shouted: ‘I’m going to kill her, the little slag.’

The girl wearing black and her boyfriend left the store after the fight, leaving the other couple to face the angry store staff.

Culled from Metro

My view: It's so strange.