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Jessica Green: What it’s really like in LA during pilot season

AFTER years of auditioning in Los Angeles, Queensland starlet Jessica Green ended up landing her Hollywood break from the Gold Coast.

The 25-year-old actor plays the lead in a new US fantasy TV series, The Outpost, which is set to air globally after its premiere in the US next month.

“I sent tapes to them and got cast purely off my tape, which is awesome,” Green said.

Now with doors opening in the US courtesy of the lead role, she was excited to learn she could succeed overseas from Queensland.

“I was always sceptical as to whether that would work or not, if the casting director would ever even watch the tape,” said Green, who would previously spend four months at a time in LA for pilot season.

“I don’t like LA that much. I don’t really want to live there, so if you can audition and tape at home you get the best of both worlds. LA is a very cut-throat place. Everyone is there for a reason, to get somewhere.

There’s a lot of people who will stand on your head while you drown to get ahead of you. Everyone is out there for themselves.”

After being informed of the physical aspects of the role as Talon, the last surviving member of a race known as the Blackbloods, Green immediately began training with a stunt co-ordinator at Gold Coast MMA gym Heartbreak Conditioning, sending show reels of her MMA and sword skills – “everything I could to get me over the line and separate me from everyone else,” she said.

Culled from Courier-Mail