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Donald Trump snubs Theresa May for the SECOND time within 48 hours, saying he got on well with Merke

Donald Trump was accused of snubbing Theresa May for the second time in 48 hours yesterday, as he charged other nations, including Britain, with ‘robbing’ the US.

The US President’s latest rebuff to the Prime Minister came when he failed to mention her name as he left the G7 summit after a blazing trade row with fellow world leaders.

Denying claims of a rift, Mr Trump said he got on well with Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau – but omitted to mention Mrs May.

It came a day after he refused to grant her a one-to-one meeting during the two-day event in Canada, and after Mrs May had arrived at the summit to reports that Mr Trump was tired of her ‘schoolmistress’ tone.

Downing Street tried to gloss over the incident, making it clear that Mr Trump’s controversial visit to the UK in July will not be scrapped – regardless of how hot the trade row with the US gets.

Number 10 sources said the US President was still welcome, stating: ‘It will go ahead, it will happen and it will be great.’

It was also said Mr Trump had reaffirmed his willingness to make a trade agreement, telling Mrs May privately: ‘After Brexit, we’ll do a deal.’

But he lashed out again after he was criticised for slapping steep steel tariffs on the UK and other key allies – a move that has led to an EU threat to impose retaliatory tariffs on £2.4 billion of US imports.

Warning EU leaders not to strike back, he claimed the US was ‘like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing’, adding: ‘If they retaliate, they’re making a mistake.’

Mr Trump’s antics brought the curtain down on the most fractious G7 meeting in years. Trying to play down the rifts, the US President said: ‘I would say that the level of relationships is a ten – we have a great relationship. Angela (Merkel) and Emmanuel [Macron] and Justin [Trudeau] – I would say the relationship is a ten.’

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But there was no mention of Mrs May and, despite name checking Mr Macron, the two leaders were seen in an extraordinary handshake tussle that the French president appeared to win.

In their meeting at the summit, Mr Macron gripped Mr Trump above the elbow before offering his hand.

Mr Trump took it and the pair pumped hands for around five seconds, during which the French president gripped his opposite number so strongly that it left an imprint. He also winked cheekily as Mr Trump winced.

The incident prompted reports that it was the former’s ‘revenge’ for the way the latter brushed off a fleck of dandruff from his shoulder when they met in the US in April.

Culled from Daily Mail

My view: Trump is acting like a fifth-grade bully, he wants everyone to grovel to him and Theresa May is not ready to do so, that's why the bragado president is reportedly tired of her ‘schoolmistress’ tone, as he believes he's the leader and everybody should bow to him, also Trump doesn't want to be lectured by Theresa May but he wants to lecture her, that's just not possible, Theresa May is doing the right thing. Look at the way he treats the French president like a schoolboy, is that friendship or Trump is showing him who's the boss when they stand shoulder to shoulder. Trump is now going to Singapor to grovel to Kim Jong-un, because he wants to be centre of attention and be seen as doing what other US president refused to do. Just wait and see what Trump would say after meeting the young Korean leader, I get on so well with him, because he's way older than him, just like he treats Justin Trudeau and Macron like his sons not like leaders, but Kim Jong-un is a different kettle of fish.