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Shocking moment two boys are covered in a pile of bricks

This CCTV footage shows the miraculous moment two boys survive after being buried under a pile of brick.

A female relative runs to the point where the accident happens.

Horrifying moment two siblings are buried by hundreds of bricks while playing next to them... miraculously they both survive

Their mother desperately tried to pull them out but also got hit by the bricks Onlookers rushed to help and the siblings were sent to hospital with injuries

Two young children have been luckily saved after being buried by a pile of bricks that collapsed on top of them in a village in China.

Their mother, who was working at the construction site, noticed a few bricks falling from the corner of a stack of bricks and rushed to protect her children.

Onlookers joined forces to pull the children out and sent them to hospital. Both of them reportedly survived the horrific accident, but sustained severe injuries.

Recent CCTV footage showed the siblings playing near a pile of bricks in a Chinese village while their mother is working.

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One is sitting on a tyre and the other one is standing as they played.

The bricks were stacked up to nearly two metres high (6.6ft) and the corner suddenly started to crumble.

The mother attempted to pull her children away before the bricks fell on them, but it was too late.

Both children got hit by the collapsing bricks and were buried underneath.

Nearby residents and workers rushed over to help the mother to dig out the children and sent them to hospital.

According to local online news site East Day, the siblings suffered severe injuries.

Culled from Daily Mail