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Man takes world’s most inappropriate selfie with woman hit by train

The woman was hit by the train at Piacenza station, near Milan (Picture: Arbalete/Wikimedia)

A man has been heavily criticised after he decided to take a selfie in front of a woman who had just been hit by a train.

The woman, who was Canadian, lay on the ground between the tracks after she had just lost her leg as a result of the collision with the train.

The image shows the stricken woman surrounded by rescuers as she lays between two train tracks while the selfie shooter dressed all in white apparently flashes a ‘V’ for Victory sign.

The incident happened in Piacenza, near Milan, Italy, and was caught on camera by a local newspaper reporter.

Local media reports that she had been accidentally struck by a train and lost her leg during the accident.

Journalist Giorgio Lambri posted the shaming snap on his Facebook page saying: ‘We have completely lost the sense of ethics.’

Angry social media users later tweeted the writer’s snap, condemning the man in white. Local media reports that the selfie taker was later arrested by police and forced to remove his pictures of the accident scene from his phone.

One wrote: ‘This woman has just been hit by a train in Piacenza. She will lose a leg. This imbecile is taking a selfie.

‘More depressing every day the loss of values and decorum.’

Another said: ‘There is little hope left in humanity when you see that a witness takes a shameful selfie with a woman hit by a train and who’ll be amputated shortly after.’

Culled from Metro

My view: Some people are just attention-seeking drunk, they'll do anything for 15 minutes of social media fame, this guy didn't even think about the poor woman fighting to stay alive, this man is so selfish.