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Video footage of man pushing cop on highway before being shot

Brett Luengo, 33, crashed his car on the side of I-90 in Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday.

Several cars pulled over to help Luengo, but he attacked anyone who came close. Sgt. Kevin Campbell responded to the scene and tried to calm Luengo down.

He used a taser but Luengo kept charging at him. Eventually, he took out his handgun and shot Campbell in the chest. The married local businessman was rushed to the hospital where he later died. Family members say the incident was out of character for Luengo.

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'The first lady who stopped, he reached into her car and tried to choke her. A second guy had to hit him in the head with a wrench to keep him from strangling that woman who stopped to help. That’s why when I pulled up his entire face was covered in blood. I couldn't even see any skin,' witness Jason Gieger told Channel 3 News.

'That’s how bad it was. I could tell when I walked up to him and he picked his head up, by the look in his eyes, I've seen plenty of people on drugs unfortunately, and I could just tell he wasn't there. Something was really off,' Gieger said.

Witnesses say Luengo even tried to attack two children in the back of a woman's car who pulled over to help.

Sgt. Kevin Campbell was called to the scene, where he tried to render aid to Luengo.

Again, Luengo started yelling and trying to attack Campbell. Campbell used his taser and ordered Luengo to the ground, but he wouldn't listen.

When Luengo started charging at him, Campbell took out his gun and shot him in the chest.

Luengo was rushed to MetroHealth where he later died.

Call logs reveal that just minutes before the crash, Luengo called 911 and said he was suicidal.

He also said he was gay and believed that he was going 'to be killed by three witches

The log also states that Luengo's parents said their son is suicidal and possibly homicidal, but his wife told Fox 8 that report is '100 per cent false'.

His family issued a statement saying his behavior was 'completely out of character'.

Luengo worked as an executive at his family's construction business and was married about a year ago, in a ceremony officiated by the town's mayor.

His wife told Channel 3 News that her heart breaks for 'those families who stopped to help...especially those kids in that one car'.

She said she had her husband were trying to have kids at the time of his death.

Culled from Daily Mail

My view: Why not use a baton, shoot him in the leg, or call for back-up instead of killing him just like that, he wasn't armed.

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