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11-year-old Boy seriously ill after smoking Spice by accident

Logan Johns-Evans smoked what he believed to be a cigarette only to later find out it was Spice (Picture: Wales News)

A mother has shared shocking images taken after her 11-year-old son was hospitalised after smoking spice, Metro reports.

Logan John-Evans accidentally took the drug, which his terrified mother said left him like ‘a monster had taken over his body.’

The schoolboy smoked what he believed to be a cigarette only to wake up the next morning acting ‘like a zombie’, unable to walk or speak.

His mother Jade, 31, took him to hospital where Logan had to be held down by five medics as he was treated for the effects of the synthetic drug.

Logan was in a high dependency unit for 33 hours while doctors battled to flush the drug from his system.

And when he finally woke from his coma-like state Logan had no memory of taking the drug – or what had happened since.

Now his mother wants to warn other parents and children of just how dangerous Spice can be after Logan smoked it in his hometown of Bridgend, South Wales.

She said: ‘Logan woke up at 3am and I thought he was sleepwalking because he was trying to make his way out the door and he was making no sense.

‘I put him back to bed and at 6.40am I went to wake him up for school and he couldn’t speak or stand so we whisked him to hospital.

‘He was in resus on high dependency. He was like a zombie. A monster had taken over his body and he had so much strength it was unreal.

The mother of Logan Johns-Evans said he was acting ‘like a zombie’ after taking the drug (Picture: Wales News)

‘It took five people to hold him still and he was still managing to headbutt, kick, bite and growl.

Logan was finally sedated and doctors at Princess of Wales kept him in high dependency for 33 hours.

Man, 80, dies after flash floods submerge his vehicle Jade continued: ‘It was scary because he couldn’t speak and there was nothing in him.

There was no response to his eyes or the light in his pupils, the only way you could describe it was like a zombie because nothing was making sense.

‘In hospital he became angry and he had so much strength but the doctors said he didn’t know what was going on.

It wasn’t an 11-year-old child inside that body.

‘My daughter told me he had been smoking and someone came forward to say someone had put Spice in his rolly as a joke.’

‘This is not a joke – every adult who saw Logan was reduced to tears.

It was petrifying, the scariest moment of my life. I had never prayed to God until then.

‘People need to be aware because he came home on the Sunday and ate his tea as normal – it was a delayed reaction.

‘This drug is a killer and it’s killing grown adults.

I have been told by many people that the prisons are rife with it because it’s non-detectable in drug tests.

‘Somebody else may not be as lucky as us, they could be even worse and a kid could die of this.

I still have my child and my family is still complete but that may not be the case.’

Culled from Metro

My view: That's so sad and I truly feel for the little boy, but an 11-year-old boy shouldn't be smoking even cigarette.

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